Track Closure

In extreme circumstances Bream Head Coast Walks Ltd reserve the right to close the tracks. If closed by the company the refund schedule is as follows:

  • Before starting – 100%
  • After one night – 75%
  • After two nights – 30%

Of course if you prefer not to walk due to the weather you are still welcome to stay in the lodge – we have a heat pump to keep you cosy (or cool), there is a variety of reading material and a selection of board games to keep you occupied. We can also recommend other attractions in the area.

Cancellation Policy

Charges $535 per person for three days, or $435 per person for two days

Deposit required $100 per person, within seven days of booking confirmation

Cancellation of more than one month’s notice 90% for bookings from New Zealand

Cancellation of more than one month’s notice outside New Zealand 75% (this covers bank costs involved in processing the refund)

Cancellation between 30 and 14 days notice 50%

Cancellation less than 14 days notice no refund

We offer discounts for children under 14, although the tracks are not suitable for very young children.