The Bream Head Coast Walks tracks run over public and private land, beaches, recreation reserves and roadways. Bream Head Coast Walks Limited (“BHCW”) have endeavoured to take all reasonable steps to make the tracks as safe as possible. The Land owners and/or managers give their permission to use the tracks only on the basis that visitors have read and understood the warnings set out below and understood any additional risks that may have been outlined to them by BHCW on entering the tracks.

It is for the visitor to decide the appropriate safety precautions, but they should include at least the following:

  • All visitors must have clothing appropriate for walking and weather
  • Visitors must stay by the walking tracks at all times
  • Prior to entry onto the tracks, visitors should have notified someone (other than BHCW) where they are going and when they expect to return
  • The tracks may be slippery after rainfall so precautions should be taken to prevent falls

BHCW reserves the right at any time and from time to time to make any alterations in the interest of safety or unforeseen circumstances.
All visitors enter the property and walk the tracks entirely at their own risk, and no responsibility will be taken by BHCW or any employees or landowners whose land you cross for any losses, damages, injuries, sickness or expenses incurred by or in conjunction with walking BHCW tracks.
There will be a full safety briefing on your arrival night. You will also be provided with maps and a detailed track guide before you commence the walks.