Day One

Farmland – Reserve – Sand Dunes – Pacific Ocean Beach

here is a taste of what you will experience on each day. A full track guide and instructions will be given on your first night

refresh your feet in the surf

A refreshing soak for hard working feet

The walk on day one takes you from the lodge, across farm land, recreation reserve and sand dunes to a long, sandy and isolated Pacific Ocean beach.

Leave the lodge and walk approximately two kilometres along a quiet country road. Turn left into Blue Horizon Road and at the end of this road follow the signs and cross the stile into Taurikura Farms. Enjoy the quiet atmosphere and look around at the splendor of Mt Manaia behind you and the Bream Head range to your right. Cross the footbridge and head straight for the coast. This will take approximately 1 ½ hours from the lodge. You can add on the Humphries track loop at the beginning or end of this day, it runs from the lodge and re-connects with the road on the way to the beach. When you hit the beach the choice is yours – swim, lie in the sun, have something to eat.

Turn left to walk to Kauri Mountain, approximately 45 – 60 minutes, or turn right to Ocean Beach, approximately 45 minutes – or go both ways!

When you get to Ocean Beach you can phone for a lift, walk back, or add a little extra. To add something extra at the end of your walk – at Ocean Beach head to the southern end and follow the markers to walk up to the lighthouse, this is the beginning of the Te Whara track that goes along the top of the Bream Head range from Ocean Beach to Urquhart Bay. Enjoy the spectacular views from the lighthouse – look back where you have come from, see the ocean and the harbour, visualize the ancient crater that included Mount Manaia, Mount Aubrey, the Bream Head range and the Hen and Chicken Islands.

pacific views

Great Views of the Pacific Ocean and Harbour

murrays jersey cows

Murray’s Jersey Cows

Day Two